Machine Stretch Film

Performance Machine Stretch Films are available from stock.

Cast Machine Stretch Film is made from polyethylene and is the main type of machine film used in the UK. This film offers excellent load retention, good tear strength, offers good clarity, and gives good puncture resistance.

Cast machine film is available in for use with two types of machine

Standard Machines

These machines stretch the film by using a brake to apply tension to the core of the film which in turn stretches the film onto the load as the pallet turns on the turntable of the machine. - Order standard film for these machines

Power Pre-stretch Machines

These machines use an extra powered roller to stretch the film before applying to the pallet, this therefore gives excellent load retention using less film and reducing cost to wrap each pallet. The machines require the use of a power pre-stretch film which is a higher quality film. These films have the ability to stretch by 200 - 250%, and 300% depending on the machine it is used on and the application. - Order power pre-stretch film (PPS) for these machines

A basic guide would be: Higher quality films are able to be stretched further and therefore the smaller amount of film required to secure the load. The individual application does however have an influence which film to use.

If you are not sure which film to use please contact one of our sales staff who will be pleased to help.

Different thickness of film available:

17 mu- Light- For use with light regular shaped loads
20 mu- Medium- For use with standard weight loads
23 mu- Heavy Duty- For use with heavier or irregular shaped loads
34 mu- Super Heavy Duty- For use with very heavy loads or loads with sharp protruding corners.

Standard Stock Film
Standard film 500mm x 2100m x 17mu 46 rolls / pallet
Standard film 500mm x 1800m x 20mu 46 rolls / pallet
Standard film 500mm x 1500m x 23mu 46 rolls / pallet

Power Pre-Stretch Machine Stock Film
PPS film 500mm x 2100m x 17mu 250% 46 rolls / pallet
PPS film 500mm x 1800m x 20mu 250% 46 rolls / pallet
PPS film 500mm x 1500m x 23mu 250% 46 rolls / pallet
Black PPS film 500mm x 1500m x 23mu 250% 46 rolls / pallet

Non standard specifications are available and can be supplied on request.

Blown Machine Stretch Film is also available and is used for wrapping heavy irregular loads and offers good tear resistance and gives good resistance to puncture. This type of film has a tack applied to one side of the film which enables the wrap to stick to itself and performs well if applied in cold room / chilled environments.

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