Pre-Stretched Film

This high quality film is manufactured and then pre-stretched before being rolled onto the core; it starts life as a thicker film and is stretched which reduces the thickness down to 8 microns. This process maintains the strength of a much thicker film whilst giving the user the benefit of faster wrapping of pallets with less effort required. The process of wrapping the film around a pallet activates the 'memory' of the film therefore providing excellent load retention.

Advantages of Pre-Stretched Film

  1. This film only requires minimum tension applying when wrapping a pallet
  2. Double length rolls which are lighter and easy to handle.
  3. The film memory enables the operator to wrap loads faster while offering excellent load retention.
  4. High puncture resistance
  5. Saves on material as less than 50% of material is required to wrap a pallet compared to standard film.
  6. Offers excellent cost savings as less film is required to wrap each pallet.

Pre-stretched film is available in hand rolls and machine rolls.

Stock pre-stretched film



Pallet Qty

400mm x 600m x 8mu Hand film Flush Core 360 / pallet
400mm x 600m x 8 mu Hand film Extended Core 360 / pallet
500mm x 2800m x 8mu Machine film 46 rolls / pallet
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